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regenerate damaged skin and sensitive areas around a mosquito bite. Mosquito bite relief

Made in Canada, with wild-harvested herbs from Iceland, Puremedica’s Mosquito Relief contains all-natural ingredients that are known to help regenerate damaged skin and sensitive areas around a mosquito bite.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Mosquito Bites

In this next section, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about mosquito bites.

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Before anything else, make sure that the bite is clean. Wash gently with soap and water a few times per day until the wound is healed. 

Secondly, you can alleviate some of the initial discomfort by putting a cold compress on the bite (you can use an ice pack or a cloth soaked in cold water, for example).  

Thirdly, use some of our Mosquito Bite Relief cream or spray to quickly reduce inflammation, redness, and itchiness. This product will moisturize and cool the skin, preventing cracking around the bite, and speed up skin regeneration so you can stop scratching and get back to living an active life outdoors. 

Itch, itch, itch. When a mosquito bites you, something in the insect’s saliva causes a small red bump to appear on the surface of your skin. Then, inevitably, you start to scratch the bite. 

The best way to stop a mosquito bite from itching is to avoid scratching it in the first place (by scratching, you increase the risk of bacteria entering the wound, resulting in an infection). But we know how difficult it can be to ignore an itchy big bite, so we recommend applying some of our Mosquito Bite Relief cream or spray on that area of your skin instead!  

By nourishing, moisturizing, and cooling the skin, you’ll be less likely to scratch the bite, and you’ll feel relief in a matter of hours, not days.

A typical mosquito bite will last a few days, and the symptoms should be nothing more than a small red bump on the skin that is somewhat tender and itchy. 

If you experience a range of more serious symptoms following a bug bite, you may want to see a medical professional to determine if you’ve developed an infection. Some of these symptoms include vomiting, fever, headache/confusion, diarrhea/stomach pain, and any type of excessive redness, swelling, or blistering on the skin around the bite. 

Something in the saliva of the mosquito causes our skin to swell and itch after a bug bite. Our first instinct is to scratch because our body creates a small red bump that happens to get really, really itchy. 

Here’s what happens: the body recognizes the insect’s saliva as a foreign substance, and this causes an immune response. Histamine increases blood flow and white blood cell count to the area surrounding the bite, which causes swelling. 

Histamine sends a signal to the nerves around the bite, and this is what makes the bite itch.

Avoiding mosquitos is the most obvious and most simple way to protect your children, and yourself, from getting bitten. 

Wear long sleeves when you’re outside, and, when possible, try to avoid bright colors, as they tend to attract insects. Also, use some sort of bug repellant spray if you are going to be outside in a place where mosquitos are active. 

At that, try to be selective about when are where you are outside with your children. Dawn and dusk are the two times of the day when mosquitos are most active. Likewise, some areas are breeding grounds for mosquitos, such as small pools of water, gardens, and garbage cans. 

Mosquito bites are inevitable, but there is a lot you can do to make sure you and your children aren’t getting bitten all the time. But when it does happen, we’ve got you and your family covered with our Mosquito Bite Relief cream or spray. Nourish and moisturize your skin with all-natural ingredients, and quickly reduce the inflammation and itchiness that cause you discomfort. 

Let nature do its great work and recover your skin to its normal, healthy condition.

Customer reviews

Diane Seguin

I had tried the mosquito cream after a weekend at the cottage and after applying a couple of times, the itch stopped. I had to continue to apply for 2 more days (many times) and the bite that usually stays bothering me for days was gone in only 2 days.

Marc Morin

My daughter got mosquito bites in her arms and legs after a camping trip, and after applying the mosquito bite cream, the redness and itchiness were completely gone! I kept applying it for a couple of days and the bites (that usually takes days to heal since she has bad reactions) were gone. Thanks to this product, she was healing very quickly!

Melanie Drouin

My brother got me this mosquito cream after he saw me with severe bites in my arms and legs from a day to the apple picking trip, my legs were red and swollen badly of the scratching and after applying this cream, the itch got a lot better! I kept applying many times over and amazingly the itch stop and the heal started right after and didn't take much time to get back to normal. Excellent product!

Vanessa G.

I was out at the cottage when I got bites all over my legs! Since this is usually super itchy, my mom recommended this cream, and the redness started to go away right after I applied it on the wounds. After using it many times, my leg got better in only a day, and the second day, my legs did not itch at all & healed extremely fast!

Sara Potvin

I got this product from a girlfriend while camping with my family. I applied it to a couple of bites that were extremely red and swollen and the results were surprisingly positive! My wounds stopped to itch and hurt. Since it is all-natural, I kept applying it until my wounds were totally healed. Shortly after, I also decided to try it for a cut on my finger and I noticed the pain got better and by the next day, my wound was not infected anymore and started to heal. Amazing products, 5 stars!

Hugo Salazar

I got this spray when I had many rashes on my arms that were getting infected (thanks to scratching... I don't know why I get these rashes sometimes, but when I do, it sometimes takes weeks before it goes away). I sprayed the solution all over me a couple of times and I noticed the discomfort got better. I decided to use it many many times since it's from natural ingredients and my skin started to heal quite fast. I am very satisfied, this spray really works!