What on earth is Betula Pubescens? For that matter, what is Downy Birch? And what does any of this have to do with healing damaged skin?! 

There is no doubt that humans have benefited tremendously from the advances of science, which obviously includes medicine and healthcare. But people want now more than ever to be using natural remedies and organic ingredients to recover from minor ailments, such as damaged skin from insect bites or sunburn. 

This is where Betula Pubescens comes in. 

So, What Exactly is Betula Pubescens?

Also known as Downy Birch, Betula Pubescens is a deciduous tree that grows throughout northern Europe and northern Asia. The leaves, bark, and buds from this tree have been used for centuries in folk medicine to soothe symptoms of sickness and to cure a variety of ailments.   

In ancient Celtic mythology, downy birch represented purification and renewal. In other types of folklore based around northern Europe, the tree symbolized love and fertility. Because of its versatility, downy birch found its way into many herbal remedies across several different cultures. 

But Betula Pubescens isn’t just a thing of the past – it is now being used as a key ingredient in different skincare products due to its incredible ability to regenerate damaged skin. 

Why Should I Care About Betula Pubescens? 

You should care about Betula Pubescens because it is a natural ingredient that has potent healing properties for your damaged skin. 

Damaged skin comes in many different forms, including insect bites (such as pesky mosquito bites), sunburn or any other minor burn, or simply cracked, dry, irritated skin due to something else in your environment or lifestyle. 

Rather than just moisturize the areas around the damaged skin, Betula Pubescens attacks the problem at its source: this wonder-plant has been shown to actually regenerate wounds!  

Is There Scientific Evidence Behind the Healing Claims of Betula Pubescens?

Scientists from Germany have explained how Betula Pubescens actually does regenerate the damaged skin of minor wounds, and it all boils down to one compound: Betulin. 

Here’s what goes on in the body when it recognizes a wound. 

In the first phase of wound healing, the body causes the area around the wound to become inflamed, with substances called phagocytes coming to rid the wound of foreign bacteria and dead skin. Betulin causes more of these inflammatory substances to be around the wound, keeping it from getting infected and speeding up the healing process. 

In the second phase of wound healing, the skin cells look to start to close the wound. The key compound of the Betula Pubescens, Betulin, helps activate proteins involved in the restructuring of the shape of skin cells. In doing this, Betulin speeds up the process by which the skin covers the wound. 

* * *

Betula Pubescens is truly an amazing gift from Mother Nature, it’s no wonder why it is such a popular ingredient in a host of cosmetic and skincare products. 

Puremedica is proud to use authentic Betula Pubescens (downy birch) in our skincare products, which are specifically designed to reduce inflammation and soothe symptoms from mosquito bites and sunburn.  Learn more about the ingredients that go into our products.  

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